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Different formula for different pull?

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Different formula for different pull?

My fico reports my score at 667 for Eqi Credit Karma reports it at 669 for TU { and their FAKO/Vantage at 739} 


I recently prequalified for a home purchase and the lender said I had a 729 median. Which seemed odd that they would use a FAKO score. I am trying to figure out the discrepancy without another pull. I asked him about it and he said the score they see for home purcahses is different than the score I would be using to qualify for a credit card etc. 



Further complicating things Credit One Bank offers a free score for me and they report 720 I have no idea which one that refers too. 


My goal is to shop around for loans at this point but I dont know how good my position really is from a lender perspective. ANy insight would be appreciated as to why a lender would see a 729 Median by My fico is at 667? 

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Re: Different formula for different pull?

I was told the Equfax report you get from here, is the same one lenders pull

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Re: Different formula for different pull?

Lenders generally use:






Vantage scores are none of the above, so if the report you pulling only uses Vantage scores then it won't match what a mortgage lender pulls.  I've found those who have good credit actually have higher FICO scores than Vantage scores but those who don't have good credit have lower FICO scores than Vantage scores.

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Re: Different formula for different pull?

+1. And yes the EQ score sold here is the same as the Beacon5
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