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Do i need a mortgage broker?

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Do i need a mortgage broker?

I laid down our situation a few weeks ago, and you guys have been incredibly helpful so far. So i am seeking your help one more time. Smiley Happy

As i explained in my previous post, my situation isn't really comparable to the everyday standard home buyer:

- I am US-Citizen living abroad, starting a new job in the US again in April, and moving back to Florida, Brevard County, with my family (Wife and 2 Kids) in late June.

- I have been employed with my current company for almost 2.5 years as an IT-Manager, and i accepted a new position as International Business Manager, going up the career ladder and making considerably more money than i currently do. I do have a verification of employment letter from my old/current company, and i can provide the same from my new company.

- I started (re)building my credit in January 2017, have a short credit history and AAoA, my one and only baddie fell off last summer, and i opened 2 Credit cards in December. I currently have a FICO Mortgage score of 725/731/739 (as of January 1st).

- I might have someone from my family co-signing, if necessary. I would like to avoid it if i could though.

- I am also a first time home buyer.

- I am looking into purchasing a house for up to 200k, putting 5%-7,5% down

- Even though, i will regularly be within the US starting April, and we are permanently moving back into the US in June, i think i should try the process of getting preapproved at this time. If things go perfect, i would like to move into our own place as soon as possible after moving back.


Now, since i currently live out of the country, have a short CH, am in the process of switching jobs and don't have 20% down, i suspect that i am not the normal everyday homebuyer that banks have to deal with. And i am afraid to just apply for a mortgage with my CU (SDFCU) or anyone else, just to have them do a HP and turn me down because they don't like my profile.


My question is: Would you recommend working with a Mortgage Broker who could hook me up with lenders that are willing to deal with expats moving "back home"? Are there any Mortgage Brokers that you can recommend (or are there any in this Forum who i could contact)? Or would you recommend just biting the bullet and apply with the usual lenders myself?

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Re: Do i need a mortgage broker?

You can work with any lender just make sure you pre-approved with them under HSA program. The U/W will underwrite the file  with appraisal condition on your pre-approval so you firm approval in your hand.  I am not worried about your employment history but you have newer Tradeline.  

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Re: Do i need a mortgage broker?

Small world! I live in brevard county too! Welcome back to the states!
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