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Do we qualify?? :)


Do we qualify?? :)

Credit Score: EQ(not sure but one thing i know it was always higher than the other scores) EX 609 TRA 722

Last negative: 2+ years ago, no delinquency, no collections 

Gross income: last 2 years 40k 2014 70k

Income: i am a Contractor so i get payed per job Full time self employed

Debt: Car 33k monthly payment $545

          card 1 limit 500$- balance 128$ Monthly min $25

           card 2 limit $2000-balance $500 Monthly min $25

Employment: Self employed i am a contractor and i work directly with Empire they sell their flooring material and i install since 2010 when i started my company

Savings: 20K in which i intend to put as down payment

location: NJ South jersey to be more specific

property: preferably single home

Value: 150-200K

occupancy: primary residence


can anyone help me would i get approved and how can i better my credit if you think i am not ready yet?


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Re: Do we qualify?? :)

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