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Duplicate mortgage amount on all 3 credit reports.

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Duplicate mortgage amount on all 3 credit reports.

Recently my mortgage was sold to Truist.  The entry appears on my credit report.  However the old company has not updated anything. So in all 3 reports it shows the duplicate amount for real estate debt for me.

My Old mortage servicer Freedom Mortgage i Ihad alot of problems with and glad to see them go. 

So no love lost.

However should i wait for them to update my account with the credit agencies?

How long would you recommend waiting to act? 

Right now does this hurt double amount hurt me?  700k  vs 350k

Thanks in advance


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Re: Duplicate mortgage amount on all 3 credit reports.

You should still contact and notify Freedom but I doubt it would have a negative impact on your credit score

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Re: Duplicate mortgage amount on all 3 credit reports.

I'll probably get updated within a month of two.  This happens very regularly, the tradeline will show up as $0 and closed, and I wouldn't bother contacting anyone unless it's hanging out with a balance months from now.  


Didn't really think about this until looking at my own tradelines just now, but a mortgage being swapped around sort of inflates one's AAOA over long enough time periods since every time it changes hands over nominally 30 years here in the US, it keeps the original open date.


My own fun ones I originally had one with Chase that they sold off, and then did a loan with someone else which Chase subsequently bought.  I don't understand it personally haha.

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