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Early CAIVRS Removal


Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

To add:  I really don't think that HUD is being very aggressive with this whole 3 year thing.  I think if you contact them at the email address above they will look at all your dates and back date your Cavirs to the earliest possible date so you can be eligible again, that being the date your Bankruptcy was discharged.  Discharged, not filed.  I'm just guessing but I feel it's due to the Banking Industry taking their sweet time with these things, the Bail out, the economy, Obama Mortgage relief plan, the list goes on.

kmoore1256 wrote:
Judygirl: do you mean when they sold my fiances house to the bank or when it sold at auction to a new owner? Just wandering since it sold in March of 2013 on the market and that's when BOA paid the claim hence the date we got for March 2016 for a loan and put on Caivrs but if he got removed and they don't have a backdate for us then how would they change any thing if it took them 3 years to even sell the house and pay the claim altogether? Ugh lol

Maingal: the email address is on page one of this forum along with an 800 number to HUD, hope this helps.


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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Hi I am having the same problem with a B of A foreclosure.  I submitted my request to the email address provided on Friday December 12, 2014.  

Any idea how long it takes for a response?? 



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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Mine took 2 or 3 days, can't remember exactly but it was very fast.  It's December so some may be on vacation.  I'd give it a week before emailing again.

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Wow thanks for the info.  Received email yesterday stating your CAIVRS has been removed.  Underwriting had rejected our loan last week so 

we are re submitting loan application today.  We will close on our new home at the end of January.  This Forum has really been a blessing.  

Thanks you so much for the help.

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Got the email this monring that it was removed !!  

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Just wanted to come on here and let you all know that I am in the similar boat.  We lost a home due to bankruptcy in 2010.  My CAVIRS should have come off on October 7, 2014.  But it still hasn't- and I am outside of the 45 day window (even an extra 45 days to allow government catch up).  I called the FHA help desk due to our new home purchase being denied because a CAIVRs issue popped up.  I found the email on this forum and was send a reply email less than 12 hours later.  In it, I was told that due to a policy change, I needed to call 877-622-8525 in order to speak with NOVAD and get a ticket number.  So I did.


I was helped by a woman at that office and given a ticket number for my CAIVRS case.  I haven't heard anything yet as of this morning, but called to check just in case.  I was informed that my ticket number was valid and that I would hear something back after a specialist was able to review the file and ticket number.  So...fingers crossed, we will be able to work out this mess.


I am frustrated that banks don't know this stuff- they dont' even seem anywhere inclined to help in any way, shape, or form.  Each person I spoke with at the FHA helpdesk, NOVAD, and other agencies was very accomodating and explained things for me easily.  So, totally not what I expected from a government agency.  At any rate, than you for the info on this forum...I feel like I have a little bit of control as we are yanked around and trying to figure it all out.  

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Your story sounds like ours,  in 2009 my husband had a seriously pay decrease- like 50k a year,  we had to file bankruptcy.   We thought we re-affirmed on the house, but found out- the loan was actually included in the banktrupcy.  Bank of America kept sending us statements and unless you turned it over and read the small print- we thought we still had a loan.   We found out and stayed in the house a little longer and then left.  Fast forward to June 2015- we were contacted by a mtg company that wanted us to do a deed in leiu to get my husband off title.  We did but now our issue-  it  has been 3 years since we have been in the house-  and now i find out that it will possibly 2017 before we can  buy again.  Because the deed was filed last year.  2 years from that date.  How can BOA take so long to foreclose?     What can we do to get the negative report removed so we can purchase a new home and stop paying high rent.     any help is appreciated!


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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

For some reason, I can't log back in- so I'll post as a new account.  The post above by CREmmett is me.

I wanted to pop on here and update anyone who is going through the process too.


I called the help number for NOVAD again last night and asked about my ticket number.  I was told that it was assigned to be under review, but nobody had looked at it yet.  I calmly and assertively told the agent that I knew they were busy and had a lot of work to do, but that my funding deadline for my home was in 4 days and could someone please move this up the priority list?  I was told to hold a few moment, and then the agent came back on the line and stated that I had been pulled off the list.


I called the lender this AM and asked them to run the CAIVRS with me on the phone- they did and I was nowhere to be found on it.  Awesome!

The mortgage file is now in underwriting and we've cleared that hurdle finally!

Hang in there- call and advocate for yourself, be nice but assertive as well- I am glad that it worked out for me so far.  It is frustrating for sure- and I am still SHOCKED that banks and agents don't seem to know how to help their clients navigate this issue.  

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal



I think you can contact them and ask that they look at your file and back date it or something.  You'll need the name of the lender/bank that filed the claim for the FHA backed mortage to be paid.  From there, I think there is an investigative process that needs to happen, but I recall reading either on this forum or another one that you can ask for someone to review the case and possibly look at the dates and the lapse being so long.  It is worth a try at any rate.  Fingers crossed for you!!

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Chase is horrible, we had a similar issue with a Deed in lieu of foreclosure that was completed in 2012.  But Chase didn't do anything at the end of the process, so I had to file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's office.  Within days, I had a case worker at Chases's "Executive Office".  It took over a year to get everything completed (3 years after the foreclosure was supposed to be completed).  Try the Chase Mortgage Executive Office at 888-310-7995.


We had a CAIVRS number for the 2012 case, but because of Chase's horrible mess ups, they deleted that case and assigned one for July 2014.  I sent an email to the email provided at the beginning of this forum this morning requesting it be backdated to 2012 or suppressed completely, with all supporting documentation.  Fingers crossed!!!

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