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Early CAIVRS Removal

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

So, here's some new updated info:  I emailed the address at the beginning of this forum yesterday morning.  By 2:00 p.m. I had a reply that told me their policies have changed and to call 1-877-622-8525 to get the ticket with FHA-NSC contractor NOVAD.  Once the ticket is assigned (it happens by they time you get off the phone) your case is assigned to a case manager.


At 1:00 today, I received a phone call from a case manager and he left a voicemail for me stating our CAIVRS file had been deleted.  Try this phone number, it'll prevent any delays if using the email address since they have changed the process.


We are still at a loss for words that this worked!!  Thank you so very much to posting this information!  Lives are literally changing.  We are supposed to close March 30, the lender says it may be able to be sooner now. 


Thanks again!!

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

I'm not having the luck everyone else is having. I called & emailed monday and havent heard anything back yet. I've called everyday twice a day. They gave me the claims reps direct # but cant get him to answer or return my calls. Not sure what else to do I am suppose to close on new home in 2 weeks. Its crazy how so many people besides myself on here were screwed over by Taylor Bean & BOA. 

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal


I have been given a date of March 11, 2015 for my CAIVRS to be realesed. I wanted to know will it be anydelays after the realese date?

I have closing on March 13, 2015.



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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal



We were in same boat here with the husband's former home being put in bankruptcy and discharged in 03.11. We just applied for a mortgage and CAIVRS popped up.

Had no clue. Found this thread - emailed as suggested. No reply. Found newest thread about policy change and to call and we called this number and first, we didn't know which option we should choose so we just chose the first option; but then second, we got the run around.

First phone call - had no idea what we were asking for, "there's no way you can get a CAIVRS released", "the house hasn't even gone in foreclosure" (what???!); "they haven't sold the house"; then we were put on hold and then hung up on.

Second phone call - explained what we were wanting and they transferred us to the bankruptcy department.

Third phone call - same girl telling me they can't release a CAIVRS, transferred us to another extension - we have no clue who or where - that asked us to leave a message. Our phone calls, total, took less than 10 minutes. Not one person sounded any too interested in helping us with this CAIVRS at all.

We're supposed to sign on our home April 2nd. We are at wits end. Is there something different we should've asked for when we called? A different extension we should've tried? Looking for any help - thanks!!

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

I have emailed and called numerous times.
No one will say anything to me. They won't tell me the date that the claim was paid.
All they say is to talk to our lender.
I don't know what else to do???
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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

I emailed them about 2 weeks ago.  Didn't hear back and actually called the 800 number someone had listed.  They told me that they couldn't do anything and my date was going to stay February 2016.  


Fast forward to yesterday.  I finally received an email back, while I didn't get the date moved back to April of 2012 like I was hoping to do, they have agreed that our foreclosure took longer than necessary and they have said they will clear the CAIVR in August of this year!!  That is 6 months sooner!!  


This is the email I sent and their reply:





From: Kerri B***** 

Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 11:15 AM

To: Sf Data Requests

Subject: CAIVRS Claim Removal



My husband and I foreclosed on a property located at 2*** S*** A**., Ohio  in August of 2011, the FHA claim is showing that we will not be able to apply for another FHA home loan until February of 2016.  The property was sold at Sheriff sale on April 9th, 2012 and was taken out of our names on October 19th, 2012.  The claim was not paid until February 27th, 2013, almost a full year after the initial sale.  I am not asking for the claim to be deleted early, I am simply requesting that it be back dated to the April 9th, 2012 date instead of February 27th, 2013.  Allowing us to be eligible for an FHA home loan 10 months earlier.

The house was also included in our Chapter 7 bankruptcy case #****** in the Ohio Federal Court.  This bankruptcy was discharged on 12/9/2010. 

I have attached documentation to show when the foreclosure started as well as the actual sale date of the home. 

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.




Case #:4**-*******


We cannot back date claims. April 9th, 2012 was the date of foreclosure, which does not include time for recording deeds and conveying the property to HUD. We cannot clear your CAIVRS on that date. CAIVRS are to be cleared based on the date of the claim filing with HUD.


However, we do expect servicers to exercise reasonable diligence in completing foreclosures timely. In the state of Ohio, it takes an average of 12 months. PHH did not complete your foreclosure within a year of the first legal filing, which was 8/23/2011. Since the foreclosure should have typically been completed by 8/23/2012, we will allow your CAIVRS to be cleared 3 years from that date. Your CAIVRS can be cleared 8/24/2015.


On that date, you may contact me and reference ticket #****** and we will assist you in clearing it at that time.


FHA Case #***-*******




So, thanks to this forum we will be able to purchase a home in August.


I should also add that we are actually waiting right now to hear back from our credit union on approval.  Our specific CU does not pull CAIVRS, they go solely by credit report(Equifax), tax returns and income/debt ratio.  So, if the CU gives us the go, we will actually be house shopping as soon as next week!!  Also something to look into if you are a member of a CU.


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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

It seems that they are getting a little fed up with the results from this thread. And yes Kerri, as long as your CU is doing a loan that is not backed by the Federal Governement, the CAIVRS does not matter. However, if you are using ANY type of Federal loan, it will not get funded at closing if you do not have a clear CAIVRS (thats the bottom line). Most loan officers have no idea what that even is, its not until underwriting or even at time of funding does this issue come up. By the way you worded it below, this seems to be the case.


I hope everything works out for you, and glad that you found this thread. 



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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

They hate us all for trying to make them follow their own rules!

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal

Hi Kerri,


What is the exact email you used? I've been emailing them vigilently for 2 weeks and have yet to get a response!


Thank you

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Re: Early CAIVRS Removal


It took them 2 weeks to get back to me.  So give them a little time.  

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