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Evaluating an HOA / "How to X-Ray an HOA"

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Evaluating an HOA / "How to X-Ray an HOA"

I came across someone’s blog the other night which had an amazing series on how to evaluate an HOA, and items to consider.  It’s from a real estate agent in Minnesota (who is also a lawyer), and I strongly feel it’ll help a lot of people properly review an HOA of a home they are interested in, or their own HOA currently.  I do not personally know her, although I did contact her to ask her if it's OK to post the blog link.


It goes over how to evaluate an HOA's financial statements/documents, explains what annual & special assessments are, goes over the importance of reserve funds/studies, highlights how foreclosures have an affect on the overall health of an HOA, as well as other smaller nuances of concern.


How to X-Ray an HOA: 9 Part Series


The blog also has other interesting articles, such as a short history of how Salton City, CA & Christmas Valley, OR came to be.

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