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FHA Streamline Refinance Process

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Re: FHA Streamline Refinance Process

Could you give me the name of your lender, we wnat to do the FHA streamline re-fi with no income verification.  Can we roll in the closing costs onto to our re-fi?

We never ever did a re-fi and have at least 80,000 in equity.  We were told by a broker we couln't roll in our closing costs.  Please eamil the name of the women you worked with.



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Re: FHA Streamline Refinance Process

Wizardofoz; check your PMs

I just sent you her email address. I signed my disclosures yesterday. I'm only going to have to pay around 1600 at closing.

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Re: FHA Streamline Refinance Process

Webhopper, can you please send me the name of the LO and bank?  I want to do an fha streamline but my bank is not being helpful at all. Sounds like you found a good fit.  Thanks in advance!

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