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FHA Two employment requirements

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FHA Two employment requirements

I am looking to improve my back end DTI. I started a 2nd job back in December. So now I work 2 full time jobs making $122 k annually. I know I have to be working 2 years consecutively at 2 jobs. 

Would being a student full time and working help my 2nd employment to qualify?

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Re: FHA Two employment requirements

No, unfortunately you still need 2 full years of employment on your second job in order for any underwriter to use it

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Re: FHA Two employment requirements


Sorry no. I wish they would loosen the guidelines a little on 2nd jobs. Man! I 've seen a steady rise in the last two years with borrowers having 2nd jobs. No doubt a sign of the times. For now stick to the plan and graduate. Once you do and hopefully land that dream job, just know that you won't need to have a 6 month or 12 months employment history with your new employer. As long as your Degree correlates with your profession, your college is actually considered part of your 2 year work history. That's how a Teacher, RN, etc can buy a home right out of school.


Best wishes to you!

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