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FHA or Conventional?

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Re: FHA or Conventional?

@Phoenix10 wrote:
Beautiful info! Thank you for your advice. Do you know nowadays what kind of score i am looking for a decent rate with conventional? Im working so so hard to improve my score but i am still at 694 for mortgage fico.



You're welcome.

694 will get you into a decent conventional loan with 20%+ down.

We can also see if there is anything that can be done to raise your scores using a rapid re-score.

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Re: FHA or Conventional?

Omg you are making me happy and hopeful! I still have one year before i can finish the lease where i am and will start seriously looking in the meantime continue to work hard doing the right thing to improve the score even more. I thought to get a good rate and chance of approval i needed around 740. Would you explain a little what is this re-score you mentioned? Im curious.
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