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FHA pre-approval....

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FHA pre-approval....

Ok, I spoke with a LO about doing a pre-approval with FHA.  I reminded her and the builder that I had a deed in lieu that was finalized in FEB 2009.  I am active duty and was living in NC.  I took orders to relocate to Monterey, CA for a 2 year tour and tried repeatedly to sell my house trough short sales.  Heck, I even had a buyer and WF denied the sale.  Well, after being in Cali for 4-6 months, we couldn't maintain two homes and then WF was happy to do a deed in lieu (in which they sold my house lower than what the short sale buyer wanted to buy our house for).


Fast fwd today, I have no late payments since November of 2009 and my credit scores are most recent.  The LO emailed me to re-apply after the 3 year anniversary, but I feel that when people see that you have a deed in lieu, you are viewed as a virus, or someone who is not responsible financially.  Under one breath, if I had a BK, then it would be a two year wait  (however AMEX wouldn't touch you), but a DIL, "go to the corner and don't come out".


Ok, I said enough. I am not bitter because I apped for some great credit cards, and was approved, heck, Discover questioned me about my late and DIL and gave me a 5Kcl.  I don't like the idea of having another hard pull in February, so the question are, would they pull again, and giving that, the DIL was a show stopper, what are the chance that i would be approve?  Thanks all.

5/30/15 EQ 596; TU 605; EX 580.
12/18/17 EQ 646; TU 660; EX 674
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