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FICO scores vs lender numbers

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FICO scores vs lender numbers

My mortgage broker told me that my score is 635. I pulled FICO standard credit report and it shows 777 for TransUnion and 799 for Equifax. Expirian shows 787, but it's not FICO. Am I looking at wrong numbers? Why is it so big difference in the numbers?

This is my first experience with applying for mortgage and would like to get more information on how to read my credit scores/report.


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Re: FICO scores vs lender numbers

I'd drill your broker to figure out if they are using FICO scores, and if so, what type of FICO scores they are using. Sounds like they gave a bad number. Your scores are terrific. The only thing that I can think of to explain the difference is if something major happened to your reports to tank your scores in between your myFICO pulls and your lender's pull. Another scenario is if your scores are high, but your spouse's mid-score was 635.


Your lender should be supplying a tri-merge report and it should show 3 scores. It should also list what score is used and the score version.

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Re: FICO scores vs lender numbers

wow, that's quite a difference.  Did you ask them?  Will they give you a copy of the report they pulled?

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