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Fiancé has bankruptcy

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Fiancé has bankruptcy

Looking at our first home purchase.  Fiance has a bankruptcy that will be discharged 2 years this March.  Will we be able to include her income in a VA mortgage?  I am in pretty good shape with 700 score, 80k income, 5 years at current job, and little debt other than car payment.  She has a 675 score and 48k income, 6 months at current job, and no debt other than car payment. She has hand consistent employment but took a promotion recently with a different complany.  


Wanted to to know if we can include her income now or will we have to wait till after 2 years since the chapter 7 discharge?


Also does this affordability calculation sound correct?  80k + 48k = 128k anual income.  $1100 in monthly debt.  Looking at no more thank 350k home even though we could afford up to 420k

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