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Final HUD question

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Final HUD question

I just closed on 7/30( Smiley Happy woohoo), and received my final HUD settlement today.  The confusion continues....I am wondering what happened to the $300 "escrow padding" that was included in the funds I brought to signing on 7/24?  I was told I would get it back at close of escrow, but so far nothing, and it was not listed in the final HUD anywhere.  

Also the amount on line 1400 "total settlement charges to borrower" does not match the amount I brought to closing.  Any guesses?



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Re: Final HUD question

Total settlement charges to borrower are just the total costs, it doesn't take into consideration any credits from earnest money, down payment or seller paid closing costs if there are any.  The "escrow padding" is an item that is charged on the HUD when you sign, and then is removed from the Final HUD-1 upon funding.  If none of your $300 escrow padding was needed then you would get a refund of that amount, but if any of it was needed, then $300 minus whatever was needed will be refunded to you.  The reason that the pad is added is because if the loan doesn't fund on the day it is anticipated to and additional days of interest are needed, or if actual charges are slightly different at closing.
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