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Final processing?

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Final processing?

My lender does “upfront underwriting.” I went through that awhile back and then my loan moved into processing. Today I got an email that my loan has moved into “final processing.”

The only thing they asked for is another two-year employment list, which might be because I just got a raise and bonus and my LO mentioned that they’d do another employment verification to leverage those numbers.

It seems like moving into “final processing” is a good step. I know things can go wrong still but is this a sign I can begin to relax?
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Re: Final processing?

Yup, time to step back off the ledge.


Did you recognize your LO while you were out there too?


Nah, I'm kidding but in all serious it sounds like your fine and you should leave the worrying to the pros----


I learned from my mentors that (as a LO) you don't need to worry the client(s) until there's really something to worry about.   So typically, it's me out there on the ledge and every now and then there's just not that much room for more people....just sayin'.  So either go ahead and jump or go back inside, because you can't rest out on the ledge. 



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