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Finalized a New construction Townhome- Next things?

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Finalized a New construction Townhome- Next things?

Hello All,

We finalized a new construction townhome in the place we liked. Few things about the property. The property will be built and ready to move only in Oct,2018. 


I got some questions on choosing the best lender(I have some 10+ pre-approvals received in last 14 days)


I paid the earnest deposit of 2k to the seller. They sent me bunch of documents to read and sign.


My broker agent said she will assign an attorney to review the docs. I got to put my 5% down to the seller this weekend.


What happens next?

1)do i have to choose my lender immediately after signing the Purchase and Sale order? I know the closing would be around october, 2018.

2)Do i have chance to change the lender if someone gives me even lower rates say in a month or two down?



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Re: Finalized a New construction Townhome- Next things?

I recently closed on a new build house, 9/17. I got my pre approval to start the process from one lender and i actually change to another lender shortly after that and changed again before closing.  I didn't like the lender my wife selected so I found one I liked, then he left the company and I wasn't happy with the replacement loan officer they assigned to us, so I went back to the laon officer I selected first just at a different company.  The main thing is to find a lender you like and trust. 

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