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First Mortgage - Will I qualify and for how much?

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First Mortgage - Will I qualify and for how much?

I've been working on cleaning up my credit before even thinking about buying a home.  I'm wondering if I can start thinking about it or if I should keep working on my scores for a while longer.  Below is my info...looking for info as to what rates I would qualify for, what amount I could possibly be pre-approved for and any other advice would be appreciated.


Credit Scores from MyFico:  EX-674, EQ-685, TU-647  (I have paid down all my cc, but waiting for them to update and hoping that brings my scores back up above 700)

I have one CO with HSBC with $0 balance from 2009.  I have one public record from 2010 that is paid.  My AAoA is 15 months.  I've made 100% of all payments on time for past 4 or 5 years.  I am an AU on a walmart discover card that is old so without it my AAoA would be worse I imagine.


My income is 55K gross and I've been at same job for 3 years and at previous job for 3 years also.  I have 25K saved up for down payment and all other home buy related expenses.  I have a 401K with 10K, but would rather not touch that.  I'm not sure what my DTI is, but all I have is car loan at $440/month and credit cards that I generally try to PIF, but usually do leave a balance on some of them.


Location is Columbia County, FL and this is for first home...single family.


I know if I wait another 2 or 3 months, my scores should go up above 700...or at least close to it, but not sure that really makes a difference at this point. 


Let me know if I should provide any other information and thanks for any responses.



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Re: First Mortgage - Will I qualify and for how much?

You should probably be fine looking for single family houses up to $200k assuming you have a 5% down payment.  I'd definitely wait for your scores to update before you have a loan officer check them (680 is a pretty important level), as the higher the scores you have the better interest rates you could qualify for and if going conventional then PMI will be cheaper as well.

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Re: First Mortgage - Will I qualify and for how much?

Thanks for the reply.  Not all my credit cards have posted updated balances.  I recently paid them all down to zero except one...trying to leave tiny balance on one of them.  Once everything updates, my scores should be back up.

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