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First Time Buyer... So Nervous

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First Time Buyer... So Nervous

My husband and I are gathering documents for the mortgage process now.  I've done a lot of clean up and aging. I've never bought a home,  he bought our house before we got married.  I'm terrified of this process.  We've got a good down payment saved,  so... here goes nothing!

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Re: First Time Buyer... So Nervous

Good Luck.

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Re: First Time Buyer... So Nervous

Congratulations!  I wouldn't say "Here goes nothing" when you are buying a house.  Take your time in finding the right house for yourselves.  

My husband and I are looking to buy a house too.  We will be first time buyers!  I am nervous but also excited.  I have cleaned up my credit report and now working on my husband's credit which is more of a challenge so we can get the best interest rate we possibly can.  The time waiting for the disputes and waiting for the FICO scores is killing me because I was hoping to be in a house by Christmas.  I don't want to move in the dead of winter.  However, a house that we liked just came on the market.  I so much want to be approved so that we can buy it. 

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Re: First Time Buyer... So Nervous

We are closing on our first home next week and have to say it's stressful before, during and now waiting for escrow to close.


Do be aware that inventory is improving, but rates are increasing.


Just work with a good realtor and mortgage broker who will take the time to get you into that house!



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Re: First Time Buyer... So Nervous

We are looking to put offer in today on property owned by Zillow. 


Narrowed down to two "wife/ kids approved" homes so now put in offer pray it's accepted and nothing hiccups.


my score did come back on low side of 634 but on Experian it's 670 idk. I've looked at some tradeline services but they all seem sketch .. we can afford the monthly and prepared for long term so it seems like good time to buy as the market is settling or slowing . 

I also just joined this forum becuse I want to learn more about maximizing my credit. It's truly of of the best things you can do for your family.  

First time buyer 

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Re: First Time Buyer... So Nervous

I feel you. I've worked on my credit to get best possible rate and it just seems like the beauru & creditor is so whateve they want. 


one day defi will take over fico and the manipulation of fiat investors. 

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