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First time Home Buyer - Need advice

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First time Home Buyer - Need advice

Hi All,


I have been lurking around this site for quite some time and appreciate all the great feedback everyone gives.  Now, I need the village to help me as well.  I came out of a divorce some years ago and have been rebuilding my credit.   I am now looking to purchase in the next 3-6 months if feasible. This would be a first time home buy for me and I would be looking at FHA. I recently received a nice bump in pay and can now afford to right some things that were wrong with my credit profile.  Here I am in a nut shell:


Scores: 632-614-614

income: 130K

Debt: 36,000 Parent Plus Loan (deferred until 4 years from now),  9,000 car balance (548 a month) 4 credit cards( 3900 CL w/120 balance, 900 CL 0 balance, 2000 CL $100 bal, 750 CL 0 balance) 

Collections: At&T- $160 10/2018, Comcast $309 5/2019- (late equipment returns)

Lates: 4 in the past year- 2 for credit card (ordered a new card and old one was on file, it wasn't going through for automatic payments) (same thing happened for car) 

*just paid down all credit cards to their amounts last week. 

Do you think that I have a chance to get qualified for a loan or will the recent lates or collections kill the deal?  I am expecting my score to improve some more with the payments of the credit cards. 


Any guidance would be appreciated. 



Starting Score: 499 9/2012
Current Score: 3/2013 Exp 523 EQU 568 TU 573
Goal: 700
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Re: First time Home Buyer - Need advice

Collections: I would recommend you address those. See if AT&T and Comcast will accept Pay For Delete.

Lates: Look into the Good Will Saturation Technique. See if you can get the lates removed.

Mortgage scores like AZEO All Zero Except One card reporting a small balance 8.9% or under utilization.
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Re: First time Home Buyer - Need advice

Agree the Collections Must go away. They are killing you. 4 lates only time will help unless you can make them go away.
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