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First time home buyer roller coaster ride

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Re: First time home buyer roller coaster ride

Wow! what an excellent testimony.  Can you please help me understand qualifications needed for DHI/D R Horton.  I am looking for a new construction but, project with them has not started yet.  Also, about cost for upgrades: what they allow or give you or, what needs to be paid out of pocket. Thx!

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Re: First time home buyer roller coaster ride

Not totally sure on all the qualificiations per se, but I am in the process of closing with them. Back when I first started my score was only 583 and I qualified to be put in the Home Buyers Club which helped with fixing things up on my credit. 


As for upgrades etc we went with one of their Express series homes which does not offer any upgrades, or anything so can't say for sure on all those. DHI is going to help with 3% of the closing cost though. 

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Re: First time home buyer roller coaster ride

Hello Everyone Back with an update. I received the keys for my house as planned on 2/7/18 yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!  I cant express how much this meant for my family we have been spending the past two days getting settled into our new home. The staff at DR Horton were absolutely amazing the construction superintendent and especially their sales agent are great. they continue to keep in contact and are very helpful with all my questions and requests. After reading some of the stories i was  skeptical of Dr Horton but my experience with them from start to finish has been great and thats not the new home fever talking. As with any new home we have punchlist items that need fixing but nothing major. After all the ups and down loops and hoops I can finally say I am buying my very first home. I have been crazy busy packing and unpacking everything has been hectic but when i stop and look around inside my brand new home time stands still the feeling is like no other. To the person reading this that feels like there is no way that you could ever be a homeowner never give up no matter what make a step in the right direction every month set small goals to improve your chances on the purchase. no matter what it is credit, income anything just set those goals then create and execute a plan. let me be the one to tell you that there most certainly is a light at the end of the tunnel it may take you months weeks or just like me years but your turn in line will come to get on this amazing roller coaster. I will be posting pictures soon Thanks everyone for the support.

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Re: First time home buyer roller coaster ride

CONGRATULATIONS Alfred!!!!!  I can imagine what a wonderful feeling it is to be buying your first home.  I'll be starting my journey soon and can't wait for our big day as well.  Post pictures when you can.

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Re: First time home buyer roller coaster ride

Congrats to you and your family.  I am so happy for you!

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Re: First time home buyer roller coaster ride

Congrats!  All the work paid off!    So what was your final Credit score for approval? 

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