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GFE review

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GFE review

Can someone please review my GFE


FHA down payment 3.5%

Purchase price-250,000

Interest rate -5.25


Loan Origination fee- 1.0   $2412

appaisel fee- 500
credit report 18

processing fee- 750

underwriting fee-650


Title charges

closing escrow fee- 1500

notary fees 225

title insurance-1000


closing costs-9334.00




Thank you


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Re: GFE review



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Re: GFE review

I am pretty sure I responded to you at the other forum we communicate at, my reply was:


If your credit scores are 620+ then this isn't looking good at all, very high fees for that interest rate. Should be at least about .5%-.75% lower in rate and no origination fee. Get a 2nd opinion.


I didn't see your scores in your other post though, so since I see them in your signature now... definitely without a doubt get a 2nd opinion.

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Re: GFE review

Thanks Shane,


Do I look for other lenders or do  I see if they can lower my rate?

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Re: GFE review

Does that total include the 3.5% down payment, that looks identical to my figures, except my median score was 644.

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Re: GFE review

My total including the down is 21,000.  How much is your loan for and what's your interest rate?

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