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Getting a Mortgage

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Getting a Mortgage

I am in the process of buying a home and would love your advice on a loan.  We are trying to get a loan for $190,000.  We only have around 5% to put down at the moment.  We have somewhat decent fico scores (mine 747 737 & 710 my husbands 735 727 @ 726)  My husband makes around $80,000 a year and we have a car payment of $315 with no other debt (just finished paying everything else off)
The loan officer is pushing for FHA, is this the way to go?  Do you need higher fico scores to get a different type of loan?  We are young, (23 & 27) if that makes any kind of difference.
Thanks again for any advice, we go back Monday afternoon to talk with the mortgage guy again.
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Re: Getting a Mortgage

I think he is pushing FHA because of the 5% down.
You are going to be A paper with and a streamlined loan process.

Only downside to FHA is the Org fee.

Without more info I would have to agree with him..
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