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Getting pre-approved for New Construction Home

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Re: Getting pre-approved for New Construction Home

I was able to sign a contract before getting any kind of preapproval with the understanding that I would work with their lender and be preapproved within a certain time frame (90-120 days).  I had to wait to apply until after the last 30 day went past the 12 month mark, which was early June and my house is not scheduled to begin construction until mid-August as the builder didn't start to pull any of their construction funding until 30 days after my pre-qual.  It will vary based on the builder/lender, but it never hurts to ask.

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Re: Getting pre-approved for New Construction Home

actually looking to buy in Humble with Anglia in San antonio now and trying to get my credit high enough to be able to apply by time i am able to transfer jobs into Houston area...This home builder takes fico scores as low as 580!

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