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Going Crazy

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Re: Going Crazy

Wow 3 weeks already? Seems like it was only last week. Time flies!

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Re: Going Crazy

Before you know it, you will be BBQing in your backyard too.

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Re: Going Crazy

Finally got my deposit refund back from the apartment, picking up a new Weber Grill to plug into the natural gas hookup we had installed on the patio.


Got the lawn mower and mowed the lawn for the first time.

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Re: Going Crazy

That'll be nice. I'm going to try and retrofit my propane grill to natural gas because we also got a gas hookup in the backyard. Apparently all I need to do is drill the gas valve a little bigger. Better works, its like a $1500 grill. :/

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Re: Going Crazy

So last week got an alert, brand new collection was added to my reports.


Fico score dropped 40 points.


Sent out disputes and its gone.


Mortgage still not reporting and I have already made 2 payments.

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Re: Going Crazy

I'm losing my cool too!!

Received an alert that my Fico dropped 30 pts due to a new collection! I am almost due to close on my home. This is an inappropriate debt and I have contacted to Original debtor.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Going Crazy

I am going crazy cuz I don't want to put off applying too long and I am w8n on some pfd's to drop. Got the alert that they dropped from EX but now w8n on TU and EQ to follow so I can go and apply sooner than later.... Them rates r climbing and pretty soon I wont be able to get my dream house if I w8 any longer

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