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Going Crazy

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Re: Going Crazy

Its an older home - built in the 80s.  But nice to know that things could possibly go smoother.



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Re: Going Crazy

Good to know moving. My builder has said I don't need an inspection as the place is inspected throughout the building process but I still think I need one. I'm glad to hear someone else thought the same.
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Re: Going Crazy

Just found out the house we are hoping to buy, recently had an inspection by a previous buyer. This inspection was dated Dec 2012.  There is nothing in the report that scares me away since I'm aware of the issues older homes may have, but - can I ask any questions through my realtor like a specific question about the a/c system?  I'm curious why the other buyer did not go through with the deal - is this something my realtor can tell me if she is aware of the reason?  Maybe it didnt pass appraisal or they couldng get financed.  Mainly I want to know if struggled with appraiasal. 

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Re: Going Crazy

Its usually best to have your own inspection done. You cant rely on hearsay.

The cost of an inspection is always best for your own peace of mind. A good quality inspector will go over all concerns regarding the property.

As far as a builder saying the house is inspected through out the process, is true to a certain point. No matter how many rave reviews a contractor has, employees make errors.

Perfect example with a builder I deal with. While he does do great work, on a brand new built home the buyers paid for an inspection. The inspector himself was happy to inspect the property because its usually an easy inspection with no issues. But this time around the inspector found a hole in the floor that was covered up with the wood flooring.

While this was an easy fix, it is something that isnt visable and usually not found until the wood floor gives in. Most likely past your warranty period.

The builder himself was very pleased for the inspectors finding, he has a reputation and now has changed his in house quality inspections because of this.

Needless to say the builder fixed the issue quickly and gave an additional reduction in the price of the home to keep the clients happy.

Its always a good thing to invest in an inspection, sometimes much more major things are found and not up to code.
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Re: Going Crazy

+1 to the above.  It's worth the peace of mind alone to have your own inspection done.  One inspector may find something that another totally missed, and any amount of time since the last one could have led to altogether new issues.


We purchased a home from a relocation company who had had their own inspection done prior to taking control of the home.  Their report indicated that the roof had 4-6 years left.  Our own inspector was able to show us that this was simply not realistic, and in turn we were able to get several thousand more off of the purchase price to go towards replacing it.  Always worth it to have your own professional give it a thorough evaluation!

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Re: Going Crazy

I have a copy of the actual inspection that was just done 8weeks ago.Very detailed Inspection purchased by the person trying to buy it before me.   I was thinking about hiring an actual A/C service company to check out the A/C unit but Mainly my Question on here was if I was allowed to ask questions to the owner.  I'd like to know what their thoughts are on this reports findings of the A/C unit, before we decide if we want an actual A/C repair company to check it out for us. 


I did email my agent and she said she is going to ask.  From there we'll decide if we need specialists on any items since it seems an inspector gives more of a visual and cant reallyl tell you what could be wrong if something is found not to be in working order. 

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Re: Going Crazy

Today the counter tops in the bathrooms were installed. Tomorrow will be the kitchen and tile starts.

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Re: Going Crazy

Man they're moving fast!


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Re: Going Crazy

Yeah its nuts, for the most part it is done once the granite and tile go in. They still gotta do the yard, but thats a one day job.

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Re: Going Crazy

Went ahead and scheduled an A/c Repair company to check the cooling & heating system out for us.  I sure hope its fine - we love this house and I'm sure if it needs replacing we'll still want the house - but I guess we'll request it be repaired or hopefull be brave enough to get something reduced.


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