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Got a question

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Got a question

Right now I have a student loan that there is a class action lawsuit out about. I am also trying to purchase a house. Right now that student loan is past due over 180 days because we were all told by the lawyer that we should not be paying anything and it will be harder to get our money back later, than it will be to just have them erase the loan.
Not that it matters, but the reason for the lawsuit is because the school I was going to was owned by Career Education Corp, and they use some really messed up lending practices. Due to this, I didn't realize that I was getting a $6,000 student loan at 14% interest. This has now become an almost $8,000 student loan at 18.25% interest. I have credit cards that don't charge me that.
Any suggestions?
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Re: Got a question

Roll it all up and smoke it with your lender... There may be a way to get around the FICO impact if there is an outstanding Lawsuit... Is it your only baddie?
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