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HARP with BofA 1st and 2nd loans

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HARP with BofA 1st and 2nd loans

I've got a 1st ($297K) and 2nd ($57K) with BofA, both are current.  LTV is ~90%.  Would I qualify for a HARP with BofA?  Would I be better off doing a HARP with someone else (i.e. Greenlight, Quicken)?  My income is solid and been consistently employed -- I'm in sales so commissions can be a little lumpy.  Recommendations?

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Re: HARP with BofA 1st and 2nd loans

B of A!!!!!!!


I was in the same boat you are, as of a few days ago. Read this post here for more info on that if you'd like.


I called them up last week and was SHOCKED at how easy and great it was. I got an incredible rate right out of the gate. Low costing costs. Almost no effort on my part as well also. I'm just hoping that my refi continues to go on without a hitch but so far I'm incredily impressed.

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Re: HARP with BofA 1st and 2nd loans

Also I guess I should add that if you do decide to call up B of A. They will ask you some preliminary questions to get an idea of where you're at currently. They asked me what I thought my credit score was. Do the same with them. That way they can get an idea of if they can refi for you without pulling up your score, and thus giving you a hard pull. They'll tell you what rates they can give you and all that before you commit.


I was able to knock my current 1st on a rental from the current 30 year 6.25%, down to a 3.1% with about 6k in closing costs. That 6k includes a couple of points though. My payment will basically be about what it is right now, but I knocked off about 8 years off my loan doing a refi with B of A. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: HARP with BofA 1st and 2nd loans

Anything new to report OP?


Curious about if you tried calling up B of A.

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