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HELOC Reporting

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HELOC Reporting

Hey guys,


How will a HELOC report? As an installment, mortgage or revolving? Will a balance be taken into utilization?




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Re: HELOC Reporting

My brand spanking new Heloc from USBank is showing up as a mortgage off of my 3B report. I barely had 5K on it and it didn't show on the report yet. So can't answer on the balance utilization.

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Re: HELOC Reporting

My 27K HELOC doesn't seem to be counted as revolving on any bureau.


I accidentally zeroed out all my CC's, but it turns out I still had a $100 balance on the HELOC at the time, and I took the typical 11-12 point penalty across the board with all $0's (a known negative).


This is under FICO 8, I don't have any datapoints for other scores unfortunately.  I actually got a nice healthy boost on EX, where *maybe* if I do the aggregate mortgage vs HELOC balance I drop below a breakpoint... maybe.  I don't think the latest tuition payment has reported yet, if I see a non-trivial drop on EX when it does, then I'll be fairly well convinced it's being counted as installment absolutely.


I wouldn't worry about it much TBH.

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