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HELP...need advice

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Re: HELP...need advice

Ok so here is where we are today.....after making many phone calls my husband realized that this is from a loan he took out on '02 for a certification program. He didn't attend any school they just sent him books etc.  The loan was for $3k not $8k so he offered a settlement of theI original amount.  Our LO will increase the loan amount and we can close in three days....simple right? Well the ca was supposed to fax the pay off letter yesterday but didn't. This morning my husband called and they proceeded to fax a letter with the total amount. He had to call again and now they are saying the correct letter will be faxed today....our LO wanted the letter this morning so he could submit the increase paperwork ASAP.  Increasing the loan amount means we have to wait three days to close.  We were supposed to close today.  The seller is purchasing a new home and selling this one simultaneously so everybody is on hold right now.....I can't wait for this to be over.

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Re: HELP...need advice

Yikes!!! Hang in there! I know it is tough. I am in the same boat right now...waiting for closing...
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