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Help! Which to pay down first?

Your FICO® Scores can impact your loan interest rates, terms, approvals and more.

Help! Which to pay down first?


In the context of improving credit score for mortage application in next 3 months, should I focus on paying down my 3 cards with above 50% credit utilization or pay off 3 other low balance cards to Zero balance? My FICO 8 scores are




 and Experian FICO score 2 is 731. I have a total of 10 revolving credit accounts of which 2 cards are at 70% utilization, 1 at 63%, 3 at 50%, 3 at 35% and 1 at 0%. I know that credit utilization has great impact on credit score and DTI is of significance when mortage application is considered. Do I pay down heavily used cards to under 50% thereby lowering minimum payments on them(DTI in focus) or pay off 3 low balance cards to limit number of open accounts with balance? I don't have enough money to pay down all cards at the same time. In my situation which strategy will improve my stand in front of a lender to secure best rate? 

Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

If it were me, I would work like all get out to pay down those with the high utilization. I have a personal rule - I never, ever use more than 10% of my credit limit. That is just destructive to your credit. That is just my of luck!

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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

I would drop the utilization on the highest ones first, then the highest apr balances, and overall total utilization on your available credit should still go down.
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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

If you have a mortgage broker you are working with, give them a call

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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

No mortgage broker yet. Trying to improve score as much as I can befor going for preapproval. Thanks!

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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

@Thank You!

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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?


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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

Dave Ramsey's approach: Pay off your debt from smallest to largest irrespective of interest rates.


Suggestions from other financial guru's: Pay off your debt with the highest % interest rate, then work your way down (regardless of actual debt amounts).

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Re: Help! Which to pay down first?

I read here that we should consider the following in no specific order: 


  • UTIL thresholds - 88.9, 68.9, 48.9, 28.9 and 8.9 (does these go for both individual AND overall UTIL?) 
  • # of accounts with balances vs # of accounts 
  •  # of Inquiries 
  • DTI (less accounts with balances help this?) 

Depends on how much money you have, how much your balances are, and how long before you app.

I would PIF the smallest ones first (2nd bullet), then use what's left to get the larger ones to the next lower threshold (1st bullet) your 50% balances, just need to get under 48.9%. I think if you follow adhere to the first two bullets, the last two aren't worries. 


Best of luck!! 

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