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How far off am I :)?

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How far off am I :)?

Hi everyone.

Can you please help me. I want to know how far off I am from being approved.

Currently I make 3800 from va disability. I also make about 1500 from a part time job. I'm a veteran and plan to use the va loan.
I have had no lates from credit cards or anything in over 2 years. Baddies:
1 charge off from 3 years ago from an auto repossession. (This shows late every mo th because it's a charge off) About 6000 when it charged off and now it's at 8000. I was told I didnt have to worry about this one, but wasn't sure if that's correct.

I have 2 things in collections
Triple A- 298.00(which I am going to pay this month and they said they will delete)

Just military loans for 2700(but this has just accured interest because it sent to collections with 1100 balance and over the years it has built up. The problem with this is idk how this happened but it says it sent to collections in 2017 but that's not correct. It sent it to collections back in 2012. I disputed it but no luck. I'm not paying this unless absolutely necessary.

Credit cards open

Capital one 500 maxed out
First premier 300 maxed out
First premier 700 maxed out

I plan to pay these off this month. AZEO method.

I have a car payment never late for 340 each month with a 9000 dollar balance.

My morgage credit scores are about 550 570 and 540 as of right now.

Also I have been taking care of other stuff off my credit so I have been overdrafting my account every month to take care of this. I finally paid off a majority of stuff so my plan was to close this bank and open a new checking account at a different bank for a few months so it shows no overdrafts. Will that work? Thanks again!
How far off am I from being pre approved?

Quick recap. I plan to pay off my credit cards this month and pay the triple a collection off. Also I plan to open new checking account.
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Re: How far off am I :)?

Regarding your bank account, closing it wont help since we'd just ask for 2 most recent bank statement. Regarding your collections you should attempt to pay for delete. Lastly, I believe by paying of your debt should put you within a stones throw of preapproval - however previous late payments will play a role.
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