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How improve those mortgages scores ? Advice needed

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How improve those mortgages scores ? Advice needed



I just applied for pre approvals for a mortgage loan and unfortunately my midscore was 735.

I want to find a way to raise it above 740 so when I'm about to finalize the purchase by then my score might be 740 or above


So this is my full background


My FICO 8's are great at 

Experian 770

Equifax 751

Transunion 771


My mortgage scores are quite lower

Experian 737

Equifax 735

Transunion 723


My Revolving accounts

Amex Blue cash - $47,800 ($0 balance) CLI from $24,900 to $47,800, will report on the 25th this month

Wells Fargo - $15,000 ($6,250 balance)

Citibank Simplicity - $13,800 ($0 balance)

Barclays Apple - $13,000 ($0 balance)

Walmart Mastercard - $8000 (

Discover It - $5,500 ($0 balance)

Chase Slate - $7,200 ($0 balance)

Capital One - $5,250 ($0 balance)


Before the CLI my UTI is just below 9%

With the CLI it will be at about 7%


Charge accounts

Amex Gold - $941 balance (high balance $3,868) Paid off next month, will report $0


I have no collections, no public records, no late payments ever

In last year I have between 2-3 inquiries on each credit report

My oldest account is 4 years and 6 months and average age is 2 years and 11 months.


I have 2 closed car loans, paid off

1 car loan with 72% balance left

1 Personal loan with 15% balance left



The obvious solution would be to reduce the balance on my Wells Fargo but I don't have the funds for it now as I try to keep all for my down payment for the house.

Next month my AMEX gold will report $0 would that help ?


Any other suggestions ?

Any other info needed to give me a better answer ?





FICO 8's EX 770 EQ 751 TU 771 (1/16/17)
Amex Gold Premier rewards ( Charge Card)
Amex Blue cash - $47,800 Wells Fargo - $15,000 Citibank Simplicity - $13,800 Barclays Apple - $13,000 Walmart Mastercard - $8000 Chase Slate - $7,200 Discover It - $5,500 Capital One - $5,250
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Re: How improve those mortgages scores ? Advice needed

This section is primarily for questions pertaining to how to qualify for a mortgage and not so much how to improve your mortgage scores.  While there will be some people who know all/some ins & outs of credit scoring, you are much more likely to find those types of helpful people in the Understanding FICO Scoring section.

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