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How long can we shop around ?

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Re: How long can we shop around ?

Since we’ve been in touch directly with the seller he’s pretty much letting us handle it between us. He tries to get in touch with LO too but he gets the same answers (or no answers) as I do. What more can he be doing? 


We we have no family or close friends around. I have some mom friends I told DH I can ask if their husbands can help but he doesn’t feel comfortable to do that. He doesn’t know anyone so it’ll pretty much be him alone to do the work. 

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Re: How long can we shop around ?

I would be getting that realtor involved! Who got the $1800 bid? You need a handyman who can help hubby and the B & D sander! No family?
And what can that agent do? How bout pay for a handyman to help hubby... your agent is getting the full 5 to 6% commission as there is no other agent involved to split it with. Let your agent know there is a problem and make that agent be a part of the solution.
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Re: How long can we shop around ?

Took husband about 4 hours and got it done by himself. It ain’t perfect but no peeling paint! LO said she’ll have the appraiser back out early this week to make sure it’s done and said we will still be on track to close before July 1. 

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Re: How long can we shop around ?

So late yesterday we got kind of an odd LOE request. I thought we already got all the LOE needed a week ago but ...we needed to explain why we are buying a house? 


We we have another home in another state for sale and the underwriter wanted to know why we just don’t rent here till the house sells. My answer was that we have 3 kids and one on the way so we want a permanent home before baby arrives. Also the rental market doesn’t have much availablefor a family of our size and what is available would be a lot more than a mortgage payment and we can’t afford. 


Hopefully that’s good enough. 


Lo said appraiser will will be out to inspect work done. We are supposed to close next week ! Anxiety is building up!

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