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How to get a loan ????

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How to get a loan ????

Hello forum,


Me and my husband are trying to buy a home with limited credit history, scattered scores and limited employment history.


1) Credit scores: Me: lowest score 654, Husband: 558

2) Employment: Me: nurse since 2012, several gaps in employment (longest 2 mths.), income the same, Husband: same job 2yrs.

3) Collections: Me: 0, Husband: 3, medical bill- $ 3000, 2 utilities- $ 400 total (cable & cellphone)

4) Credit cards: Me: 5, 0 balance on all, 1 late; 2mths ago, Husband: 0

5) Loans: Me: 4, cars $ 27K, student loans $4k- 2 lates; 12 mths ago, Husband: 0

6) Judgements: Me:0, Husband: child support, $278/mth., current

Combined income of $ 5000/mth., 2 children under 18


What are our chances of getting a home loan, which one would be the best to apply for, and would this info qualify for a manufactured home loan?

We live in NC, so manufactured homes are popular here. Any info would be helpful, thanks in advance.


Starting Score: Nov 2013 540
Current Score: Experian 654 Equifax 646 Transunion 640
Goal Score: 700

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Re: How to get a loan ????

It might be better than you think so just contact a mortgage originator and apply. That is the only way thet you will know what you will be able to do. All the best.

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