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How to get off of EX's mortgage?

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How to get off of EX's mortgage?

I am 22 years old and I made a very very huge and costly mistake.  When I was only 18 (yes stupid I know) I bought a house with my boyfriend.. we werent even married..  ugh.  Well 2 years ago we broke up.  I let him keep the house bc he makes wayy more money than me.. there is no way I could afford it by myself and I don't have any room mate options.  He NEVER pays the the mortgage on time and the house has been in foreclosure.  Is there ANYTHING legally I can do besides just asking him to refinance without me?  I have asked multiple times for him to do that or sell but he will not.  Thanks in advance for any info!
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Re: How to get off of EX's mortgage?

Im so sorry to have posted this twice I don't know what happened I must have clicked submit more than once.. sorry!
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