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I Messed Up

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Re: I Messed Up

VoltaicShock wrote:

Watchmann wrote:

It would be less stressful if you set an autopay up for recurring loan payments.  I have autopay on all my credit cards, mortgage, auto loan, utilities, etc., it just makes it easier and puts the onus on the creditor to make sure he is paid.  Some people don't like to do that because they feel they are giving power away, but I've never had an erroneous payment made.

This does not put the onus ont he creditor to get paid.  Most say we are not responsible if you overdraft or you do not have enough funds to pay the bill.

Perhaps I was a bit unclear.  Of course it is YOUR problem to make sure the creditor gets paid, but if the autopay falls on a weekend coupled with a holiday sometimes the autopay will delay the payment 3 or 4 days because of bank clearances, etc.  In that case I don't fret if the payment comes out late because that is due to a situation out of my control.  That is what I meant.  And you defineitly have to keep an eye on your bank account to make sure the money goes out.  In over 35 years of various auto pay setups I've never had one that was messed up but many people just won't do autopay because they don't want a third party having access to their accounts which I think is unreasonable these days.  As long as the money is in your account an autopay is the way to go, imo.


The OP was really stressed out about mssing their student loan payment, but this could have all been avoided.

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