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I can re-fi a 3 month old loan.

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I can re-fi a 3 month old loan.

a.) Its my 1st car loan.

b.) Ive only had credit for 2 years.

.......................................Make sense? B of A is my loan for my car. This sucks!...9.2 ....I should be at 6.4% ....eeewwwww.
Back in the 500s, dont ask
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Re: I can re-fi a 3 month old loan.

Yes, you can, and depending on what you're offered, you might save a ton of money. Watch out for fees though.

Back when I still did debt, I got a crappy finance deal through the dealership - within a month I rolled that into a credit union loan with a dramatically lower rate. Within another month I found an even better deal and rolled it again, all with no fees. As I recall with the two moves, my interest rate went from ~13% to about 5.9%. Not bad.

Of course, the ultimate would be not to finance the car at all, but to pay for it in cash. But I'll save that for another post. Smiley Happy
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