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I find this very strange...


I find this very strange...

My car has been paid for now for years. I was never late on any payemtns. I paid them in full... no issues.


When I first started the process for buying a house and pulled my credit, I notices that the auto lender was reporting that I was late 8 times and had a charge-off. Needless to say, I contacted them to find out what the heck is going on.


They apologized... Told me that they were going to make the correction with the Credit Agencies, and they even gave me a letter on their letterhead stating that I was never late and have no charges offs, etc.


So... they did make the correction. Just minutes ago, I received a Score Alert that showed that they are now reporting the account correctly, BUT my FICO score when DOWN!!!


...what am I missing????

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Re: I find this very strange...

That IS strange. Not what I would have expected.

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