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Inspection/Contract HELP!


Inspection/Contract HELP!

I have a contract on a bank owned home where the inspection contingency expires today (day 10).  I have already paid the de-winterize fee to the seller to have the water turned on back on Oct 9th.  This particular city requires a Village Inspection to be done prior to them turning on the water, which is the sellers responsibility.  I still have no answer from the seller if the Village inspection was done or when I can have my inspection done.  My attorney has sent an addendum to extend the inspection contingency since they have not made the home available, but still no response.  Can the seller still hold me to the 10 day inspection contingency even though they have not made the house available to be inspected?  If I get an inspection done after the 10 day expires and something is wrong can I still get my earnest money back?  Or do I have to walk today since today is it for the contingency?  I know this is more for my lawyer, but I figure I would ask here in case someone has went thru anything similar.

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Re: Inspection/Contract HELP!

Do you have a Realtor? Have anyone spoken with their listing agent?   The Contract should contain your requirements to make it binding that way you want forfeit you earnest money.

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