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Is Fico Score worth Paying for????

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Is Fico Score worth Paying for????

went to apply for morgage pre-approval, according to myfico credit score 642 lender pulled 606? whyis there such a big difference in the score. has any one else had this prob?

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Re: Is Fico Score worth Paying for????

Different models of score.  Are both scores pulled from EQ?  The EQ score from myfico is the 98 model.  Most lenders now use 04.  Each new model is supposed to be a better predictor of future payment behavior.

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Re: Is Fico Score worth Paying for????

Your mortgage pulled a tri-merge credit report.  This report is a summary of all three credit reporting agencies.  The highest score is ignored as well as the lowest score.  The middle score is used for qualifying.  The three scores are real fico scores as reported on the day pulled from Experian,Equifax and Transunion. 

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Re: Is Fico Score worth Paying for????

I have had lenders pull credit twice now & the myfico EQ score matched EXACTLY.  Now the TU did not match, and you can't purchase EXP from my understanding - so as the previous poster noted, the score they gave you was your "mid score" - meaning the middle score of the 3 (EQ,TU, EXP).  In my opinion - knowing your exact EQ score is totally worth the $$, but I only wish you could get your exact TU & EXP scores as well....

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Re: Is Fico Score worth Paying for????

It is certainly worth it, imo,  if you are preparing to apply for a loan, to reduce your stress level, if nothing else.  Getting a real FICO score, as well as your full report, and educating yourself about the various scores, models, and lending practices empowers you, so you don't feel so victimized. 


FWIW, my EQ score I paid for yesterday matched my lender's pull today exactly also.

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