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Is USDA easier than FHA?

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Is USDA easier than FHA?

i live in the DFW area and i never really knew USDA was an option but it looks like if i move north enough it can be.  Is this preferred and better than FHA? 

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Re: Is USDA easier than FHA?

i no longer require any responses to this thread.

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Re: Is USDA easier than FHA?

People choose between the 2 programs according to what their qualifications are.


While you may qualify for a USDA loan, you may not qualify for a FHA loan and vice versa, and you can possibly qualify for both.


If you qualify for both then you need to have your LO or Broker explain the advantages and disadvantages of both programs, the cost involved, etc etc etc.. According to the new regulations the LO and or Broker is suupose to be looking out for your best interest. While majority of the time this is true, there still are a few unscrupulous ones out there.

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