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Is Wells Fargo a good Company to get Mortgage with?


Re: Is Wells Fargo a good Company to get Mortgage with?

I have been with Wells Fargo for six years and I absolutely recommend them to all my friends.  I was approved for my first mortgage by faxing them my employment papers and the application. I never saw my loan officer in person and everything went very smooth. I received my first professional job in October, faxed everything while training miles away, and was in my home approved by December. 


I find their customer service excellent! Things happen like have happened to me, I called them and explained the situation, made payment arrangements, and no payments or additional comments were added to my credit score.


I'm engaged now and my fiance and I are looking for another home.  I really don't want to go with another company but he insists on shopping around. But the rates they offer are always great, competitive, and final closings are smooth.


I have many other stories, but they are good.


The only caution i have is to make sure they pay your property taxes to the right place.  There was an error that was quickly fixed but i think there may be a glitch in the operating procedure on that one.


Other than that, its cool!

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