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Is a quiet underwriter a good or bad thing?

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Is a quiet underwriter a good or bad thing?

Hi everyone,


After three months on a fizzled out short sale, we found a house we love and made an offer on a house November 15th and it was accepted. We were already pre-approved for our loan. We had been working with our loan officer for three months already on the other property.


We're supposed to close on or before the 17th according to our contract. The file is in underwriting. So far the only thing they've asked for is a 1040 from my fiance. We had already given her a copy of this months ago, but we provided a new one. Other than that we've not heard a peep from the underwriter.


Our loan officer says everything is fine, and our realtor called her and she told our realtor everything is moving along great and she's just waiting for the file to come out of underwriting. Inspection is done, appraisal is done (appraised for 36k more than we are financing), title paperwork was ordered last week, and we've put our insurance company in contact with our loan officer.


Maybe I'm just crazy for being nervous that we've not heard more from the underwriter!? LOL

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Re: Is a quiet underwriter a good or bad thing?

I put this in another thread, but as for my experiance, no news is usually good news.  My agent and L.O. both will call the second a problem occurs or something comes up, but other than that I don't hear a peep from them unless I ask a specific question.  Let me tell you the waiting stinks.
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Re: Is a quiet underwriter a good or bad thing?

Your LO should be able to tell you what is going on.  If the UW is backed up or something it is a simple reason why it is taken awhile.  If they are not giving out any info I would be a little more concerned (but not ready to freak out).  Some UW's are very communicative about where they are in the process and some are not.  Just press the LO for a status update so you can make whatever arrangements you need.  They should be able to give you a rough timeline assuming no problems arrise easy enough.
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