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Is this even possible?

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Re: Is this even possible?

I sent goodwill requests to the CEOs of both CA and NFCU. One CA deleted and the other refused...I submitted disputes to EX and paid for Lexington Law; they were referred by Rocket Mortgage; I plan to cancel them before the end of this month. Found out that all they can do is disputes...I can do those myself. Oh, and NFCU declined my mortgage loan and request to delete the lone 30-day late from 2018. Smiley Sad 
@newmomnewme wrote:

Hi all, 

Thanks in advance for any advice/feedback. 

I plan to move to Buffalo, NY to help take care of my mother. I would like to purchase my first home within the next few months. 

Bad news  - I have tons of debt...240k (deferred student loans) and 100k  69k (revolving and installment). (recalculated and paid off two small cards $1300 total) 

Bad news - 1/1/2019 scores 580, 619, and 628

Bad news - 3 2 paid collections accounts (refuse to delete), 1 30-day late from 8/2018 (one collection deleted 1/4)

Bad news - BoA loan officer said my DTI was 42% and couldn't approve;   I thought FHA limit was 43%

Good news - 150k max purchase price thanks to Buffalo, NY lower cost of living

Good news - 210k annual salary

Good news - 10k bonus next month 

I submitted several mortgage loan apps in the past two days in hopes that I could get a pre-approval from luck. 

I have a 6 y/o, so I have to move during summer, if I can't move this year, I will have to pay $1250 monthly rent while waiting until 2020. 

Do I have a chance at approval? 






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