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January 2021 Closers

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Re: January 2021 Closers

Congrats!! I also am a single mom who brought my credit up from the 400s to 700s although it took me longer than you! I closed on my first solo home purchase in December 2019 and it was amazing. It's been great for my family.


I guess the CDs they sent last week weren't the final ones, those came today. Somehow now I'm getting 2k at close, no idea how or why but I'll take it! Signing tomorrow afternoon. Not sure exactly when closing is but I'm very happy it's almost final. 

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Re: January 2021 Closers

Closing on our first home today! Worked hard bringing up my credit score over the last 2 years, got it from low 600's to almost 740! Not only brought it up, but mainainted it for almost a year of that 2 years too!

Purchase Price: $340000

DP: 20%

Loan Type: Conventional

Mid Score: 738

Tentative Closing Date: 2/04/2021

Closing Date: 01/21/21

Rate Locked at 2.875%


So excited and nervous about being a home owner! Tired of renting, and will be nice to know that it is our own home! 


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Re: January 2021 Closers

Congrats!! I'm closing today too although it says it'll be disbursed the 26th on the docs. Very happy to be done and enjoy that sweet 2.875% rate instead of the 4% I got in 2019!

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Re: January 2021 Closers

Yup, this is because there is a 3 day rescision period before funding. Your title company will not get funds to pay off your old mortgage until that 3 day period is up.

I am eagerly waiting for my closing, title searchs took a little longer because my dead from october wasn't recorded until January.  Title work now is done and title commitment has been issued, now waiting for title company and lender to agree on a CD, and then to be sent me with a closing date. Still hoping for end of January, but time is running out. My lock expires Feb 23rd, so I have some time to spare.

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Re: January 2021 Closers

Thanks for the info about timing. My loan funded today so everything is finished! I began this process back in October and it was super slow because of how busy they are but I'm thrilled to be done!

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Re: January 2021 Closers

First time poster although I have been following to keep me sane during the last few months:


Closed 1/25/21

Purchase Price: $487,363

DP: 25% (gift)

FHA due to just discharging CH13 in August 

Middle Score: 679

Rate: 2.75%

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Re: January 2021 Closers

@izzesparks wrote:

I made it!! I finally close on my first home today! Have my keys in hand, I am still in shock it hasn't quite hit me yet that I am a homeowner. I own a home and nice piece of property, it is mine. Oh my. This was a long and arduous journey that first started in October of last year and with another home entirely. After broken contracts with the listing agent, which I plan to take to court, on the first home. I had to start the process all over immediately on another home and actually a better home. I cannot RAVE enough on the lender I used who is from these boards. He helped me sooooooooo much, I would have given up long ago. He went above and beyond the call of duty and helped me even when my Realtor was at a loss. His team is also incredible, answer everyone of my calls and texts, stayed in constant communication which is a huge deal to me. I know I would not have gotten the keys to my home today without this lender. I am single mom, I struggled for years with my credit score, in less than a year I was able to get my score from the 420's to a 696 Fico score (with the help of this forum) and buy my first home (also with the help of a lender from this forum) before my son move out and keep my vow to him that he will live in his own home and have his own room before he graduates high school. 


This is insane lol I am to giddy!

Very nice, congratulations on the new home!


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Re: January 2021 Closers

Congratulations, I'm trying to get to where you are, middle score is 589, but I'm stuck. Just reviewed my Credit Reports for all 3 agencies and to my dismay, 5 of my accounts are not reporting. Smh. And the sad part is that I paid a lot of money to a credit repair company. Never again. Please send any pointers.

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Re: January 2021 Closers

Closed last Thursday, Yay!!

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Re: January 2021 Closers

Hi! I know this thread is old but I had a quick question? Im in contract with a different lender, but was thinking about trying out Rocket Mortgage. The only thing is the lender that I have the conditional approval with does offer 8k in down payment assistance. Did rocket offer any assistance or incentives?

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