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July 2014 Closers

Re: July 2014 Closers

hopingtogetahouse wrote:
Purchase Price: $224,720 
Property: Single Family - 2425 sq ft
Toured unit on: 05/03/14
Submitted Offer on: 05/04/14 and then into negotiations until 5/19/14
Signed Purchase Contract on: 05/19/14
Inspection: 05/24/14
Purchase Contract Addendums: none
Final Contract: 5/20/14
Final Earnest $ Received: 5/20/14

Type of Loan: 30 year fixed VA
Loan Rate: 4.25%
Appraisal: 6/3/2014 came in above purchase price! Smiley Happy
Loan Conditional Approval: 6/07/214
Additional Conditions: none
Clear to Close:  7/3/2014 (updated)
Closing Date: 7/17/2014 (updated)

Got Clear to Close today! 

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Re: July 2014 Closers

Purchase price 275000

interest rate 3.875

found house 5/21

made offer 5/22

accepted offer 5/23

appraisal came in at 284000!

closed July 1st

recorded July 2nd

Starting Score: 460
Current Score: EQ 764, TU 764, EX 740,
BOA AK AIR 30,000, Discover IT 6300, Freedom 25,300, Barclays RMC 15,660, Ring 15,000, BCE 15,000, QS17,000,AARP 15,000, ChaseFU 8,000,AND A LOT MORE!
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Re: July 2014 Closers

Purchase Price: $165,000
Property: Single Family, new construction - 1900 sq ft
Submitted Offer on: 05/23/14
Signed Purchase Contract and gave earnest money check on: 05/23/14
Type of Loan: 30 year fixed FHA
Loan Rate: 4.5 -4.75% (floating for now)
Appraisal: Pending (ordered on 7/3; fee is still pending on my bank account)
Loan Conditional Approval: 6/23 
Additional Conditions: Out of underwriting on 7/3 with LOX needed; submitted and expect UW to review on 7/6
Clear to Close:  Pending
Closing Date: Tentative...07/11/14
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Re: July 2014 Closers


Celle31 wrote:


Here's my 4th Update (Hopefully only 2 left, CTC, and close!)

Purchase Price: $199,900  $190,000 :-)
Property: Single Family - 2423 sq ft
Toured unit on: 06/08/2014
Submitted Offer on: 06/09/14
Signed Purchase Contract on: 06/10/14
Inspection: 06/13/2014
Purchase Contract Addendums: 06/16/2014, 6/25/2014
Final Contract: 06/25/2014
Final Earnest $ Received: 06/13/2014.

Type of Loan: 30 year fixed FHA
Loan Rate: 4.00
Appraisal: Ordered. Will be completed this week! Fingers Crossed! $190,000 :-(     (now Yay)
Loan Conditional Approval: 06/06/2014 (Preapproval), 6/19 (Conditional Approval)
Additional Conditions: 06/16, 06/19, 6/23, 06/25, 6/26, 6/28
Clear to Close:  Pending..07/01/14
Closing Date: Tentative...07/02/14
Updates include a decrease in purchase price and closing credits with an addendum to contract!  Final contract signed: no more negotiating! Received 4 more simple conditions, just sent off to loan officer, now just waiting on updated GFE and clear to close! Hopefully, no more conditions come my way!!
Happy Again!!!

Only one more update left after this!! Alot of drama but it came together in the end!!! Clear to close given today and closing is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00pm!!


Best of luck to everyone!!




Sorry for the late update!! Closed on July 2nd, 2014!!!!!! It's finally over!!!! Now the fun begins. So, since we want to paint and put floors down, I decided to ask for an increase on my HD card. Of course it was a hard pull, but well worth it. Credit limit went from $2000 to $8800. I asked for a $6000 increase! Time to go shopping!


We decided to also apply for a Rooms to Go card since we want some new furniture. Approved for $8000.00. 


A am definately ready to go shopping!!


Best of wished to everyone still going through the process!


Congrats to everyone who has already  closed!!

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Re: July 2014 Closers

Purchase Price: $148,500

Property: Single Family - 1556 sq ft

Toured unit on: 06/20/2014

Submitted Offer on: 06/28/14

Signed Purchase Contract on: 06/28/14

Inspection: 7/2/2014

Purchase Contract Addendums: None yet

Earnest Money given 6/28/2014

Type of Loan: 30 year fixed FHA Loan Rate:  3.99 locked

Appraisal: Pending (the appraisal company is behind, but the deadline is 7/15/2014)

Loan Conditional Approval: 7/2/2014

Closing Date: Tentative...07/31/14


All this after I had made an offer on another house that was accepted, but after the inspection it needed too many repairs for me--a new roof among other things, so I cancelled that contract.  This process has been fairly easy, but stressful nonetheless.  I have partial retirement annuity income, partial part-time employment from a school district that cannot be used since I have only been working there one year, and self-employment income for the last 2 1/2 years where I am an independent contractor with another school district.  They have asked for a lot of documentation regarding my self-employment like the last 2 years of income tax returns with all schedules, a year to date profit and loss statement and a balance sheet which I didn't even know what these were until this process,  but so far everything is o.k. I think, but I don't have a name for my business, I just turn in an invoice each month with my name and address and they cut me a check.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly until we close on July 31!

Starting Scores TU 7/30/09 FICO 493 EQ 9/5/10 FICO 477 EX 11/14/2011 (lender pull) 575
Current Scores TU 5/31/2014 FICO 671 EQ 7/5/14 FICO 667 EX 5/31/2014 658 FICO
Goal Scores 700 across the board
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Re: July 2014 Closers

Sounds great!


I use for my self-employment. You can print off any reports needed, for free! This came in handy when my first lender, who bombed my first loan, asked for my balance sheet and other docs.

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Re: July 2014 Closers

A few updates and a Clear to CLOSE!!!!  Smiley Happy



Purchase Price: $282,500

Property: Single Family - 2428 sq ft

Submitted offer on: 6/6/2014 (back up offer as first offer had contingencies and we had none)

Signed Purchase Contract on: 6/10/2014 (lot of negotiations and it was an estate sale)

Inspection: tbd

Final Earnest $$: 6/13/2014


Type of Loan: FHA 30 year fixed (back to work program)

Loan Rate: 4.125 locked today

Appraisal: Good - came in at $285,000

Loan Conditional Approval: 6/6/2014 (full preapproval through underwriter)

Additional Conditions 7/7 & 7/8: LOE deposits, copies of deposit slips, copy of cell phone bill (to prove the $100 deposit is from my mom paying her portion on our plan), Sign copy of housing counseling certificates

Clear to Close: 7/10/2014

Closing Date: 7/31/14 or sooner


Fico Scores as of 1/6/2014 from MyFICO
EX FICO - 649 / EQ FICO - 616 / TU FICO - 649
Lender pull 4/1/2014- EX-664 / TU - 675 / EQ - 626

Kohls - $300 Credit One - $600 WM - $700 Sams - $500
Amazon $600 PayPal MC - $300 NFCU $1000 Cap 1 - $2500
Cap 1 Plat: $2000 Von Maur - no limit set NFCU Nav Check - $10k
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Re: July 2014 Closers

Purchase Price: $325,000
Property: Single Family - 3823 sq ft
Toured unit on: 05/25/2014
Submitted Offer on: 06/12/14
Signed Purchase Contract on: 06/12/14
Purchase Contract Addendums: None
Final Contract: 6/20/2014
Final Earnest $ Received: 06/12/2014

Type of Loan: 30 year fixed VA
Loan Rate: 4.25% Locked
Appraisal: Pending
Loan Conditional Approval: automatic desktop underwriting approval 6/20/14, underwriting 07/11/2014
Additional Conditions: appraisal
Clear to Close:  pending
Closing Date: Tentative...07/28/14
Myfico: 03/26/2015: EQ 652, EX 680, TU 738 Barclays

Barclays $4.7K, NFCU Platinum $15K, AMEX BCE $15k, HD $12k, Sams $3.5k, Walmart MC $3.5K, NFCU LOC 10K, GE local Furn store $3.5k, AMEX ED $10.5K
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Re: July 2014 Closers

Purchase Price: $105,000
List Price: $109,900
Property: Fannie Mae REO Single Family - 1243 sq ft
Toured unit on: 06/20/2014
Submitted Offer on: 06/22/14 $100,000 3% closing cost
Counter Offer: 06/24/14 $105,000 3% closing cost Accepted
Signed Purchase Contract on: 06/25/14
Inspection: 06/26/2014
Purchase Contract Addendums: 3% closing cost $0 repairs
Final Contract: 07/02/14
Final Earnest $ Received: $1,000 06/27/2014

Type of Loan: 30 year fixed Conventional
Loan Rate: 4.75%
Appraisal: 07/08/2014 $105,000 
Loan Conditional Approval: 07/14/2014
Additional Conditions: correction on appraisal
Clear to Close:  07/16/2014
Closing Date: 07/17/2014
Close tomorrow at 3pm. I had a wonderful team working with me, I couldn't have asked for better. I had a short timeline to close and they got it done! I went through Fairway Independent Mortgage and I highly recommend them.
Lender Pull 06/02/14 Transunion 700 Experian 672 Equifax 654
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Re: July 2014 Closers

Purchase Price: $149,900
Property: Single Family - 1882 sq ft
Toured unit on: 06/05/2014 & 6/06/14
Submitted Offer on: 06/06/14
Signed Purchase Contract on: 06/09/14
Inspection: 06/23/2014
Purchase Contract Addendums: None

Type of Loan: 30 year fixed -VA-
Loan Rate: 4.0%
Appraisal: Appraised for $152,000
Loan Conditional Approval: Only verification of employment, Appraisal & getting Homeowners Ins.
Additional Conditions: None
Clear to Close:  Given on 7/11/14
Closing Date:.07/17/14
*****Update*****Closed today at 2pm....NFCU is awesome as is the VA.  So happy and so grateful and Thankful!!
Homeowner Again as of July 17, 2014. Thanks NFCU
FICOs EQ - 702/EX - 705/TU - 707
Quicksilver $3,500 / Cred 1 $2,375 / 1st Natl $2,750/ Kohl's $5k / Barclay Rew $2,250 / Barclay Commence MC $2,400 / NFCU Visa Sig Cash Rew $17k / Lowes $12k / Best Buy $5.8k / NFCU LOC $15k / Walmart MC $7k / Chase Freedom $1,500 /, Discover IT $10k / Citi DC $3.5k / AMEX BCE $2k / Citi Simplicity $4k
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