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July 2021 Closers Thread


July 2021 Closers Thread



July 2021 Closers Thread

Starting the thread for July !!!


Location: Florida

Purchase price - $747.250
$ Down - $200,000
Product - Conventional
Mid score - 756

Sellers Credit - $0
Rate - 2.625%  (Better Mortgage) Note:  Negotiated this down twice.  Pays to shop, compare and have them compete for your business.

Estimated Close Date -  July 1, 2021 - Hope it will happen sooner!
Possible issues - Underwriting doesn't seem to understand my Income W2 Employee but also I  own a business that provided large deductions two years ago.  A few times they say all set...only to come back and ask questions.

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Re: July 2021 Closers Thread

Congratulations. What about closing costs? Is that the APR including closing costs?

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Re: July 2021 Closers Thread




Loan cost very low from Better - just $550 for appraisal and $50 for the credit report . So my 2.62 APR with closing cost on my 30yr is 2.64


I want to thank this board for helping me get my score up via AZEO!  WIth maximizing my score (had hoped for a MMS of 760 but didn't make it)


I started with a local mortgage company who quoted me 3.25  and then received quotes from 5 companies  Took that best rate to the most aggressive company - they lowered - then took that lower rate with the LE as evidence to the two I was interested in working with.  I had a plan from the beginning to make the best use of my Credit pull window.  I also was upfront with all of them that I was shopping for the best deal - rates and fees.




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Re: July 2021 Closers Thread

Location: Texas

Purchase price - $485,000
$ Down - 15% down
Product - Conventional
Mid score - 696

Sellers Credit - $0
Rate - 2.875%  (Better Mortgage)

Estimated Close Date -  July 8, 2021
Possible issues - The market here is crazy so there's the appraisal issue. That being said, we were able to negotiate a price below asking since the home has been on the market longer than others, so we're hoping this helps. The appraisal was completed yesterday so we're waiting on findings. Also, the home inspection is Saturday -- fingers crossed that goes well, the home was built in the 40s. Finally, I'll probably worry about the final approval until we're done, so there's that. The loan processor says we're fine, but she's not in underwriting so...


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Re: July 2021 Closers Thread

Location: Virginia 

Purchase price - $475,000
$ Down - $17,000
Product - FHA
Mid score - 640

Sellers Credit - $5,000
Rate - 3.4%

Estimated Close Date -  July 6, 2021
Possible issues - We have no clue! First timers so we are just stressed out and impatient at this point.

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Re: July 2021 Closers Thread

Location: Indiana

Purchase price - $175.000
$ Down - $0
Product - Conventional 
Mid score - 710

Sellers Credit - $0
Rate - 3.6%

Estimated Close Date -  July 19, 2021
Possible issues - I'm not sure since I am a first-time homebuyer. I'm ready for it to be over and done. 

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