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July & August Closers

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Re: July & August Closers

Well, i closed last friday on the 20th....


I have to say, pretty AWESOME!!!


Thanks all and lets keep this thread going!!!

My credit journey has completed. I am currently sitting at 800+ across the board.

I started my journey here years ago, and thanks to MyFico, it really is possible.
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Re: July & August Closers

Congrats.dancing    Shake it up baby now dancing


Several are closing today and some of us on Mon or Tues.  So we should get a bit more momentum over the next few days.Smiley Wink

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Current Score: Now 687 what the hockey sticks...from a 784 (Aug 12 EX 751 EQ Fico)
Goal Score: 800

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Re: July & August Closers

Hooray!!! I'm sure you are sitting on top of the world!!  Party at Ben's house.....lolSmiley Very Happy

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Re: July & August Closers

basilatkinson wrote:

I am a first time home buyer, my husband is currently deployed and I finally found a home we both liked!!! Everything is going by so fast, I do not know where I am at in this process. One minutes the appraisal was being done. Next, it is in underwriting. I am so nervous!!! My LO said she can have it done by the 31st. Is this possible??

  • Purchase Price:  $150,000 Seller paying 4000 in closing cost
  • Property: Two Story 1812 sq Ft 4br 3ba NEW CONSTRUCTION!! One year builder's warranty.
  • Submitted offer on: July 17, 2012
  • Signed Purchased contract on : July 17, 2012
  • Type of Loan: VA
  • Loan Rate: 3.50
  • Loan Application submitted:  07/18/2012
  • Loan approved: July 25thSmiley Happy
  • Commitment letter received on: ??????
  • Closing date: 7/31/2012Smiley Surprised
  • Closed on: ??????  


Starting Score: 54101/12/2013>641
Current Score: 671
Goal Score: 700

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Re: July & August Closers

I am just sitting here trying to be patient waiting on whether the manual underwriting approves me with the child support snafu (sp? LOL).  UGH this is the most stressful thing EVER!  I just want to close.  I want the keys.  I don't want to worry about this anymore.  My daughter starts kindergarten in 27 days and I have no clue what school I need to register her for because i'm worried the loan might not go through and then we won't know where the heck we're going to live.  Trying to think positive here.  Send me some positive vibes PLEASE!

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Re: July & August Closers


  • Purchase Price:  $279.000
  • Property: Two Story
  • Submitted offer on: 4/12/2012
  • Signed Purchased contract on : 5/12/2012
  • Type of Loan: FHA
  • Loan Rate: Not Lock yet...
  • Loan Application submitted:  7/10/2012
  • Loan approved: within the next 14 days
  • Closing date: Somewhere around 8/22/2012
  • Closed on: Pending

Building a new home with Advantage Homes, $28,000 in builder credit, builder paying $2,500 toward pre-paid, and $7,100.00 towards closing! And the bank is paying $4000 toward closing as well!!!  Of course I will have to at a higher interest rate.  I hope that by closing, the rates drop some more, atleast down to 3.2%.  I wouldn't mind locking in at 3.7%.  Mid-Score was 653 for FHA.


5/30/15 EQ 596; TU 605; EX 580.
12/18/17 EQ 646; TU 660; EX 674
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Re: July & August Closers

Sending positive vibes your way Lillisum!!!! I was feeling the exact same way and worrying about which school to register my kids in since the "new" house is in a different district but, I just found out today that I'm out of UW and I'm scheduled to CLOSE on Monday!!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: July & August Closers

Hippy that is amazing!  I am so excited for you!!   Heart  Congrats!  I hope I have a similar update soon!  

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Re: July & August Closers

hippychic823 wrote:
YAY HAMMER!!!! Enjoy your house!!!! I just found out my appraisal (which I was MAJORLY stressing over) went through fine so off to UW I go!!! Hopefully I can post "I CLOSED!!!!" In a few weeks!! Smiley Very Happy

How is it going Hippy? Any updates?


I am pulling for you! 


I still can't believe when I pull into the garage that this is MY place! 

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Re: July & August Closers

I thought that I posted yesterday but I guess it didn't go through. WE CLOSED!! Sailed through underwriting with no conditions! Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement!
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