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LOL....Now this is funny...

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LOL....Now this is funny...

My LO ordered my tax returns from the IRS last week, well low and behold the government shutdown effects the IRS.  Meaning they don't know when they going to get those verifications from the IRS.  Always something.

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Re: LOL....Now this is funny...

Ugh, i am right there with you.  During my preapproval, they asked for tax returns from 2011 and 2012 and I provided them ORIGINALS of the IRS Transcripts that i had due to my student loan verification.  Got my first round of conditions today and they are asking for 2010, too.  Ugh. So, we are VA and nothing is delayed with delay, except IRS of course.  So frustrating!  We were in and out of processing and compliance in less than two hrs, from seeing the house to executed contract in less than 48hrs and home inspection within 72 hours, VA appraiser already ordered and scheduled and, yet, here we are.  Waiting. 

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Re: LOL....Now this is funny...

remember.... the lender has a ton of stuff to do..... they can do all of that while they wait for transcripts.  Smiley Wink


trying to stay positive



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Re: LOL....Now this is funny...

Me too, LOL!  The ironic and funny thing is we were told the VA Appraisal would take 14-21 days to get back.  It was done today and we already have the prelim report back... 6 days under contract!  SO, everything is ahead of schedule, FOR ONCE, and now because of the children we have in government, we still may not close on time.  Smiley Happy  Oh, the joys!

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