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Late payment on an old mortgage?

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Late payment on an old mortgage?

I have owned this house since 2003, and never had a late payment to my knowledge.  My CR shows a late payment in 4/16. Mortgage has since been sold to another servicer.  I called today and they said that the payment was late.  They are going to send me a copy of my payment history.  I have no memory of this or idea how it happened, but according to the rep I spoke to, it was my error.


Do I have any recourse? Will a mortgage company make a goodwill adjustment? Should I ask them to delete the whole two years of the mortgage from my credit report? Can they even do that?


I would appreciate any advice or help.  I was hoping to refi and now my credit has taken a huge hit!


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Re: Late payment on an old mortgage?

Yes, you have recourse.  Show them the payment you made was on time. I assume you either have an ACH transfer from your bank account to the mortgage co showing the date the payment was collected or you have a cashed check showing the payment.  For a 30 day late to show, it has to be paid beyond 30 days.


If this "30 day late" is a result of the servicing being transferred from one lender to another and the late payment shows in a 60-day window, then the late can't be reported even if true - at least according to RESPA (REGULATION X) 


If you don't get cooperation from the servicer, file a CFPB complaint immediately.

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